About Us

Meet the Wooten Family:  Jon, Desiree, Juliana and J.J. We are a family of creators! 

Jon was born and raised on a homestead in Livengood, Alaska.  Desiree is a native, born-and-raised Las Vegas local.  We met while attending Portland Bible College in Portland, Oregon, became best friends, and now have been married for over 28 years!  Christ continues to be the center of our lives and we hope that everything we do reflects the love He pours out through us!

Jon is a Professional Land Surveyor by day and has been working with wood as a hobby for several decades now and has continued growing in his knowledge, skill and abilities, always willing to take on a new challenge.  He is often covered in and leaving a trail of what we lovingly call  "man glitter" (sawdust).

Desiree is a high school Teacher by day and loves to come up with big ideas - especially creative home design and storage solutions - for Jon to build, then she makes "pretty". 

Our greatest "creations" are our children, J.J. and Juliana, who are also extremely talented, creative adults now.  When not lending their expertise to their parents, both are artists, designers and entrepreneurs.  Some of J.J.'s work can be seen at weirdskull.com and Juliana's shop is radiantsunflowerstudio.com.

Wooten Hand Crafted really started as a way to share our talents mostly with family and friends, but after many years of requests to expand, here we are, ready to create something special for you to enjoy!

Thank you for your support of our small family business! Blessings!